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"These guys are just great, They came and gave me a free estimate we signed the contract and my Kitchen Remodeling was done just in time, I am really happy with BDR they are friendly, licensed, bonded, insured and best of all there prices are great. THANK YOU BEAVER AND STAFF YOU MADE MY WIFES DREAM COME TRUE, NOW SHE DOESNT WANT TO LEAVE THE KITCHEN. 1000% RECOMMENDED."

- John W. in Los Angeles

"I totally agree with all the reviews, Beaver is one of the best construction companies I have ever found they did a complete remodeling to my home and I am very greatful that my home is bigger, fresher, and it increased the value of my home.”

- Megan H.

"I purchased an empty lot many years ago finally I decided to do a custom home and after almost 10 contractors I decided to go with Beaver, these guys are just great, they have 3d designs so you can get an idea on how your home will look after the job is done, their prices are just great, they offer 100% quality work, friendly service, warranty, and more these guys are just great I really recommend them to every homeowner out there you will not regret it. Thanks Beaver!"

- Walter F. in Santa Barbara

              CoolCoolCoolCoolCool  5/5 stars

  • Room Addition in Los Angeles Area,

    Wow I am really amazed with what beaver did to my home, they not only increased the value of my home but they also did the room addition just the way I wanted they offered me the best price, and gave me 100% quality work, they were always on time, clean, and friendly I am really happy with this guys I will come back to them for all my future projects.

     CoolCoolCoolCoolCool  5/5 stars

    pamelamoore 03/30/2011

    • Kitchen Remodeling in Los Angeles Area

      Beaver is a really great company they came to my house the same day I called them, They offered me a free estimate and a very affordable price plus a 15% discount, Theses guys were always on time, very friendly,and very clean. I really love my new kitchen it increased the value of my home, and everytime family and friends come over they always tell me how amazing my new spanish style kitchen looks ,,,, I really recommend this guys I will always come back to them my next project is do remodel my bathroom so beaver be prepared for my call


       CoolCoolCoolCoolCool  5/5 stars

      Ronald2020 04/06/2011

      • Wow I can't believe what Beaver did to my bathroom is like a dream come true my bathroom is bigger, with shower, jacuzzi, custom made cabinet, new toilet and a kids toilet new windows, flooring, everything just the way I wanted and for a very affordable price plus a 15% discount. I really recommend this guys they are always on time , very friendly, clean and affordable they are always there to answer the homeowners need. IF you are looking for a good contractor to remodel your home then you should pick up the phone and call Beaver 818-901-0643 they will help you save tons of money.